Best sleep track?

Can someone helps me? i need an accurate sleep track!

Sept 18, 2018 5:10:24 GMT 1 psychedelic said:
Can someone helps me? i need an accurate sleep track!

this one is great:

Sept 18, 2018 5:27:45 GMT 1 soniasophie9697 said:

Sept 18, 2018 5:10:24 GMT 1 psychedelic said:
Can someone helps me? i need an accurate sleep track!

this one is great:

link dont work here
Sept 19, 2018 2:23:46 GMT 1 psychedelic said:

try this:

I found this link , hope it’s useful

Sorry for the Thread Necromancy, but do you install SleepBot on the phone, or the watch?

“sleep cycle” from playstore

make sure to have 50% + battery life for accurate readings on both microphone or accelerometer


I´m trying to revive this question cause i haven´t found any really useful app for my x7.
Tried for a while “Sleep as Android” and “Sleep Cycle” but both are power hogs and do not deliver very accurate data.
I want an app that takes advantage of the fact that the device is in my wrist and uses its sensors to check sleep stages.
Althou i´m not sure, i believe that there are very nice out there on Android 5.1 smartwatches.

My goal is to port one of those aps, the best one possible, to be used on Android 7.1.1.
So i request here help from who ever would be willing to help…

Lets start by pointing the steps:

1 - Identify Android 5.1 smartwatches that have those types of apps
2 - Select the best working ones
3 - Port them to Android 7.1.1

This might seem simple, but there is a lot here…
Anyone here available to help?


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hi,I’ve a Kospet Prime and for me the best is sleepbot because it use less battery than other,so you haven’t drain battery. Give it a try.

It shouldn’t need porting, the apks should work the way they are

thx guyies for your valuable feedback in this topic
as per
my personal experience in this regard is that i SNORS verry bad
so i used this app last night called “SLEEP” On play store

it track the sleep verry well
it makes the noise loke tok tok tok and vibrate if u snor
and play lullyby also
overall awesome.

so what happened when i check all the data it records in the night is that , when i start snoring it alerts me, so that after one snor no noice any more after that, means it worked for me
and it did not at all disturb my sleep because my statics show i was not wakeup just stops snoring…kudos​:vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute::v::v::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

guyies really i feel so embarised when i have to share a common hall in night with so many relatives of mine in a merriage of my nicee…at that time i m having the watch,but i was not serious about sleep tracking app

but now i m having this app for me shourely i m gonna buy this after try to help the developer

i want to ask the @moderator that shoul i give u the cracked modded version of it, for the sake of our beautifull community.
thanks and regards

i have since switched to sleep as android use on the phone, then sync to google fit on watch
got tired of overnight battery drain and opted for extended daily battery life

then check analytics using the phone for in-depth visual details

can you explain me How to do that please?
what are the steps to achieve it…

here is the above mentioned by @Malex for use directly on watch

as i mentioned, i no longer use directly on the watch as it is too cumbersome for me to charge and prefer using phone then sync to google fit on watch (does this automatically with sleep as android)

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