Best rectangular android smartwatch

Guys any1 can recommend good rectangular watch
Preferred to be at least 4gb+64 android 10
I know only appllp
If you can suggest better smartwatch I am glado to see suggestions

If you wait a A10 firmware MAY come available for the Ticris Max S . But no promises . The Ticris Max S is worth buying as it is on A7.1.1


Thnx a lot

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I love my Ticwris Max S, and with Android 10 it would be awesome. I can really recommend it.

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I got my daughter a DM20 (lemfo LEM10) she really likes it, but its 3 /36/7.1.1

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Ticwris screen size is not esge to edge right?

Not exactly but trust me . Its big enough

How much will I to wait new Android version ???

It may not become available so dont hold your breath . Sorry