Best of two worlds...hopefully

I just ordered the lem 14 from banggood…i am wanting to replace my prime 2 and galaxy watch 4 with a watch that has the benefits of a FAW and the waterproof feature…lets keep our fingers crossed this is the one… :crossed_fingers:

You will be surprised by the build quality . Its superb . Be carefull with the waterproofing . Its probably the best around but with these watches they are never perfect with water . We have had mixed reports

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i know…i will give it a good run for its money…will use it to go swimming…hopefully there is a swim-tag in the sports-section

Personally i wouldnt go swimming with it


Oh god…i hope i can…that’s the reason i chose the lem 14 over the lem 15 or kospet optimus 2…i saw a few videos on youtube where the watch is submerged…anyway, it will get wet, wether it likes it or not…

If you are going to swim with it dont press any buttons underwater .


Congrats on getting ya LEM14. I’ve been using mine for 9 months as my daily phone. Its terrific. The best full android watch phone I’ve had, and I’ve gone through a dozen or more.

The water resistance is very good. Make sure you are very careful when putting back the SIM cover, there is a little rubber o-ring gasket thing, I put a little silicon spray on my finger and rub it around the seal. Make sure its seated perfectly.

If swimming, as in laps for example, I put a little piece of electric tape over the speaker.

It prefers gentle water activities if you know what I mean.

AND don’t press any buttons underwater or when wet. AND wash well with fresh water if you take into salt water!

I have once had some condensation appear in the front camera window… I just turned it off removed the SIM cover and SIM card and put in the sun for a few hours until the condensation was gone…

I also generally use a small keyboard vacuum cleaner to gently suck any water away from the buttons, speaker grill and mic hole…

Good luck.


I have 2 of them and have used them both in pools and hot tubs on numerous occasions. I haven’t done any actual “swimming” per se (like laps), but plenty of in and out and using buttons right after pulling it out of the water with no ill-effect. One thing I can say for sure is…the screen goes crazy with the water touching it at times. Also, when coming up from water, if there is even a single drop on the screen, its almost impossible to navigate around so you need to wipe it off good.

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All this talk of water is making me nervous


thanx for the reports of your personal experiences…i am waiting for the watch and it will go swimming…i find if you pay for a watch that claims to be waterproof, they should deliver such an item…lets hope i won’t be disapointed… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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