Best Keyboard for our Watch...

Best Keyboard for our Watch…

After tried quite a few keyboards I think I have achive the best for ours…
Few months ago I said TouchPal was the best but finally I realized it was quite heavy and consume too much RAm… Then I was using Google Keyboard but it’s difficult to reach all parts of the keyboard and does not have any feature…

After trying others I thought about downloading an old version of TouchPal and that is what I did.

This version is light, has slide mode, voice mode and resizing feature… I was trying it and, at least for me, is the best

Version… I also have it in my dropbox

Enjoy it

Thanks for this. I’ll give it a go.
I still standby the jbakkeyboard especially now that it comes with Paul Bort’s round keypads included in the market app. Works great and the press for google voice typing works very well.
Thanks though - I’ll be sure to try it.

The main reason to use this one is the sliding mode. You can also remove word by word sliding delete button besides others features… Have a try and tell us!

Cheers for sharing.

I must say that it consumes a little bit more battery than G.Keyboard… let’s continue testing it and see if it worth

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 there are two jbakkkeyboard apps in the market. Could you please share the link to the correct one that has the round keyboard installed. Will it work on the x5 ok?

It’s called jbak2keyboard

It works really well on the watches. You need to move it to internal storage after install and then go into Languages and layouts and carefully use the little side arrows to select all the round layouts that were made by Paul Bort. It is great as you can long press the space bar and use voice dictation :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any issues as I can point you to a video if needed.

can you give us the video link you indicated?

@Luca_Sanarico here is the video from SWT.
The only difference now is that you only have to install the app and move to internal storage and select the keyboard layout.