Best Full Android Watch to buy in 2023?

What is the best full android watch to buy in 2023? The best brands seem to be Kospet Lemfo and Lokmat. I would like either android 10 or 11. Lemfo watches don’t seem to be as easily available as Lokmat and Kospet?

I was looking at the,
Kospet Optimus 2 A10
Lokmat Appllp 4 pro A11
Kospet Note A10 upgradable
Lokmat Appllp Max A10 upgradable

Some seem to have problems with sweat also? I am not a heavy trainer but I would like to avoid that failure point if possible. Also what are the future of full android watches.? Is there anything new coming out soon that is better? Thanks for the help!


Are you intending to train with one of these watches on ? If so i can advise to a degree

Training aside Kospet and Lemfo we support and there are some good offerings

As for new - wait for a few weeks


I would like to be able to train with one of these watches on if possible but it is not the main focus. Where do you see lemfo watches for sale? The official store on AliExpress does not have many for sale.

What makes you think this is upgradeable ? Maybe because it is confused with the Prime 2 - but neither of these are made anymore.
If you are talking about the Lokmat big rectangular model - that’s not even supportable, let alone upgradable.

This one is only upgradeable to our FAW A10 FW…

Agree with @Dr_Andy_Vishnu
Best to wait a while longer and if you do intend to do sports or training with a Full Android watch - make sure you put something between your wrist and the back of the watch to prevent damage.
A lot of people put a thin, clear waterproof covering over the watch before they put it on for these kinds of activities.
Sweat is salt water and it kills watches that have contacts on the rear cover or microphone and speaker.

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Sorry after reading the forum a little more I realized I had a few misunderstandings. I was wrong about the Lokmat Appllp Max. I thought it was the same as the Ticwris Max.Also I thought you had developed FAW A10 for the Ticwris Max just like the Ticwris Max S. Neither of those was true :rofl: It seems to me that after a little more research I have come to the conclusion that the kospet optimus 2 and note are the best overall watches as of right now. Actually I would go as far to say that even though the specs of the note aren’t as good it is probalby the better of the 2 watches to use day to day for most people. What do you guys think? Thanks

Is something new coming in january?

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There are some devices in the pipeline, but we cannot currently judge whether this is a reason to wait.


Meaning what exactly, if you don’t mind? Are they not from reputable brands, or not expected to be a big upgrade from previous models?

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Until we have samples , test them and check progress we cannot comment. To early to say


For those of interested in the results of your testing, is there a particular place on the forum we should keep an eye on? And will you share both positive and negative results, or only if positive?

Much thanks.


At the moment we are testing no watches. And if we were we would discuss them on this forum


Did anything ever come of this?

I haven’t spied any exciting new release in the past weeks.

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Yes , keep watching this forum :+1:


this is what i’ll say, while being untested (to the best of my knowledge) none of these devices would make me think their suitable for training/fitness purposes, just go on ‘the quantified scientist’ website to understand how inaccurate even some of the top fitness focused watches can be, e.g. garmin, fitbit, etc, etc

for a long time i tried to find ‘one device to rule them all’, i’ve given up for the forseeable future, i now have a ‘kospet optimus 2’ for basic smartwatch duties, including calls and navigation, i additionally wear a huawei watch fit 2 for sports, (circa £90), for heartrate and VO2 max, and a fitbit inspire 3, (circa £70) for rare occassion’s when i might want to check my sleep patterns, though it’s probably only about 70% accurate despite being one of the best

and i just wish (in vain i’m sure) the FAW watch manufacturer’s would forget all their fitness functionality, simplify the firmware, UI, and free up the sensor space for a bigger battery

the nearest thing you’ll get to a ‘one device rules them all’ would be an apple watch SE 2022, for circa £200 in the UK right now, good smartwatch functionality, good health and fitness functionality, but your stuck with an e-sim, no camera, and apple’s walled garden, including the need for an IoS device, and potentially a subscription model for advanced health metric’s


I think this is what were looking at for 2024,Nice amoled screen display ,BUT smaller screen display ,all other specs going backwards Android 8.1,less memory,less RAM,no camera, etc etc,not very promising if the rest of the releases are like this…

Well, I was just saying that of all the devices using this chip at the moment, this one seems to be the least offensive.
Seems to work reasonably well.
Unfortunately the software is still very far from being good.
It’s still an unsupported device for us and I would not advise people to buy one.

@Ted yes, everything you said is correct.
I still can’t bring myself to buy an Apple watch though.
I have to draw the line somewhere. :grin:

You would not believe the amount of raging arguments that I’ve had with the Chinese brands about putting fitness rubbish on Android watches. :confused:
They are dead set convinced that fitness monitoring (regardless of whether it is anywhere near accurate or not) is what international customers want.

Time and time again I have tried to explain that Android is just not the better platform for those apps. Leave fitness and health monitoring to the many RTOS and BT bands that are purpose built for handling all those functions.
Even if they are also not accurate.

The Full Android Watch is a unique market but they are pushing it to a much broader audience and in the process, the end product becomes more of a Frankenstein watch. Cobbling many unsuitable technologies into one basket and hoping for the best.

It’s going to take a radical new approach to save this niche market.

In my opinion.


I ended up buying a Kospet Optimus 2 and a Kospet note both. The Optimus 2 is faster but I feel that the Note has better build quality and the design is more practical for a full android watch.


Two great watches and i agree entirely :+1:


I went through the last couple of week’s threads, there hasn’t been anything announced yet, right?

You are right. Stay tuned. :+1:

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