Best Apps running on a LEM 12 Pro

Which apps do you run on your smartchwatches that does’nt look wrong on it. Make a list, and let me know why you liked it. Thanks.

Ypu gonna piss off many members🤪 im one of them😁 just joking… it applies to most of our watches as most of them are 1.6" displays, today rarely i find apps that don’t work well on our watches. For me floating apps give me headaches cos somtimes when i move them, they end up in corner that i can’t reach them no metter the position of the display and i have to reset the apps://

I’ll jump in. The one app I use consistently on all my android devices is Smart Touch Pro (STP). The app appears in all screens and when selected displays selected apps on any screen you have open and allows you to open another app. For example you are in an app and need to open the power app to select the square mode. You just tap STP select power mode, then select square mode without using the power button. Saves wear and tear on your buttons. Screen shots work the same way. I use it on phones, tablets etc.


Oh, gonna give it a try!

On topic:

Protonmail seems to adjust really well to our weird screen. Simple and clean I must say. I needed another mail for security issues and this came really handy to manage with my watch