Best Android watch! What are the ideal features?

Hello everybody!!! I would like to buy a smartwatch with Android and integrated sim card, then 4G and LTE, because I think they are the real revolutionary products, being able to avoid bringing your own mobile phone.
Only android smartwatches allow you to have your own whatsapp (independent from the mobile phone), skype, or other common apps, also allowing you to have a camera for videocallings.

In my opinion, however, these android smartwatches have some problems: very large and aesthetically not as pleasant as the products of the most famous brands like Samsung or Apple, construction quality not always excellent; often the translation of the menus is incomplete and above all the assistance is very bad.
The processor usually used is also not the best.

The ideal features for me are: amoled touch, 4G7LTE, dual camera at least of 5 Mpx for videocallings, Android latest version, IP68, gorilla glass, GPS with Glonass, Facial recognition, dimensions similar to the most common products, RAM 4 Gb, Qualcomm processor…
This product doesn’t exist yet. The product that comes closest is the Lemfo Lem 15, but is just IP67.

What features would you add?

Do you know if a product with these characteristics will come out?

Depends what you think makes a watch processor the best. I terms of how battery efficient it is, then yes, it might not be as good as the snapdragon wear processors. But in terms of how fast it is and how suitable it is for running full android, then it is not as good as the snapdragon processors found in high-end phones, but it is definitely a lot better than the snapdragon wear processors that wear os devices are using. If we take specifically the mt6762 which is used in the android 10 watches, it has wifi 5 whereas snapdragon wear 4100+ only has wifi 4 (which is 12 years old). The mt6762 also supports newer versions of both memory and storage than the 4100+


For me an ideal watch for the deaf but perhaps useful for everyone:

  • personalized vibrator (duration, rhythm or link with music)
  • mini-flash on the bottom (when we sleep, the flash emits on our eyes to wake up with vibrator in addition)
  • a slightly ultra wide camera face to be able to sign (because lot camera face are so zoomed! we don’t use our lips)
  • detachable as does S999 (I don’t know if it’s solid)
  • waterproof shower minimum
  • OLED screen
  • automatic emergency call in case of heart attack (as on Apple Watch)
  • of course, full Android :slight_smile:
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For me my lemfo 12 is almost perfect.

The real one big flaw of the lem12 and of all full android smartwatches is the battery. It is useless to have a lot of RAM, many GB of memory, the SIM and 4g / LTE if you can’t use them as you wish. If you use one of these smartwatches with all their functions, the battery runs out in 2 hours !!

So the real feature to improve is the battery capacity!!


The main features that I would improve are the more refined aesthetics suitable even for smaller wrists, after-purchase assistance, battery life and certification IP68

I completely agree

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That’s a tough one to answer as everyone will want different things

For me I want a big screen but I want a design like the ticwrist max but that’s too big

The lemfo 4 pro is a perfect size but the borders were to big and the screen Rez was awful I’ve not worn mine in ages

So for me it would be

Square/oblong screen with a managable size but with the specs of my prime 2

Ticwris Max S size with Android 10 :+1:

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Yes the Max s with 10 would be great but I must add that it needs to do away with the unchangeable strap

If that breaks the watch is useless

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That would be cool :+1:

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my friend could you buy a good model finally?which?

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The last post in this thread is 36 months old. Do you now want to ask all the questions that were already answered in the other thread again in this place???