Best alternative launcher for square watch

Hey, I found one of the best launcher alternative to the smart watch pre installed launcher.

I am using Lemfo lem10.

it is Smart Launcher v5 ( it is one of the best launcher with can we customise with large icons, large items for the watch because watch needs large icons to touch them easily.

it has so many customizations like you can change wallpapers you can change icons you can apply gestures, you can put lock screen on and also Google assistant works perfect.

it is really amazing.

here are some screenshots what I have installed and working on it I hope you all will like it.


very extensive post! well done.

just two things;

  1. your watch isn’t square
  2. can you use watchfaces?
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great setup

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Thanks for catching the point. :wink:

I am sorry, I intended to write “Rectangular” … being not good in english such mistakes are always expected … :slight_smile:

This Launcher can be used on any android “Rectangular or Square” watch like Lem11 or LemT.

The second point is… watch-faces…
If I’m using any pure Watch Launcher then of course I can use their supported watch faces, like this one Lem10 has pre-installed I think “Activity launcher”, or custom launcher Universal Watch Launcher.
The point is not “watch faces”, the point is “customization” which is not possible in pure “Watch Launchers”.

For watch faces… you can use any of the already thousands of available clock widgets as full screen. Remember! dont’ search for “watch faces” on play store, it will load “Watch faces” for “wear OS” and waste a lot of energy/time expectations. Search for “clock widgets” and you will get many of amazing looking watches faces.

In free version of Smart Launcher 5, there is only one page for widgets, but in paid version, you can have multiples pages. And you can put multiple widgets on multiple pages.

I’ve also tested Mini Nova, which has slightly same options with many of widget pages but it has limit of app icon size and also that gives an android phone look, while in Smart Launcher you can make up-to 4 icons per page, quite big… isn’t it? Easy to tap and appearance remains like a watch. :wink:

I tried many other android launchers, some of them good ones in terms of large buttons are…
Search Play store…

Simple Launcher ( Big Launcher,Easy Mode,no ads)

Easy Launcher

BIG Launcher

Senior Safety Phone - Big Icons Launcher

I will show in the next post with all of my selected / installed watch faces. (clock widget).


No i can’t use watch faces. But i can use watch widgets.