Bell & Ross CLIMB DOWNLOAD: Background and credits:

Bell & Ross CLIMB


Background and credits:
The BR 01 CLIMB watch is inspired by aircraft cockpits, where each part is a reference in terms of legibility, reliability and performance. The display of the BR 01 CLIMB recalls the graphics of the reference instrument, the variometer.


I like very mutch. Thanks a lot @Ace_Aceman

Tip of the day

If you create two sets of each hand… make one the “main” hand and make the other the “shadow” - by making it grey and blurred…

Centre your main hands at coordinates 0,0… BUT the shadow hands at (say) 3 pixels below the centre…
The shadows will then always be below the hands… as if the light is coming from the 12 o’clock position… you can of course put other shadow coordinates in so that the light appears to come from a different direction… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis ​​ I know about it, but if you have your clock set to 24 time format, the shadow look very strange at 8pm to 12am. It is positioned almost half of the hour hand. It’s look like two hands. I don’t like it. At 8am to 12 it’s ok.

Nice work and nice reference detail :slight_smile:

Dobrá práce - děkuji,jenom drobnost - při nabíjení se nezobrazuje ikona nabíjení se stavem baterie. Indikátor baterie neukazuje skutečné hodnoty.

English please.

If the battery does not show correct values - please let us know in English.

Good job - thank you, just a small thing - when charging the icon shows charging status of the battery. The battery indicator does not show the actual values.

I checked it on my k9 and battery status is accurate (show similar angels in clockskinmaker and on my watch I am on 85% and it show correct angle) Can anyone make comparison with clockskinmaker and actual battery status on watch?

Tady to máš … a

Můžeme komunikovat emailem ?? a československy ?

English please guys…

What would be awesome is if these aviation themed clock faces displayed Zulu time somewhere in digital format on the clock face!

Ace, nice clockskin.
I have a B&R limited face. Wondering if you would be able to convert for a No1 d5+ Clockface? I’'m new to all this.