Been a bit busy ..another one for KW88 The other side ( )

Been a bit busy …another one for KW88

The other side ( is were I’ll post in future , coming here to take a look once in a while but posting clock- faces only there from now on.

This one is inspired bij Breitling >>
Made by @Ezento_Ikenna ( we know it’s a bit off centre) and restyled and made suitable for the KW88 by me


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Thank you. 61C45613EK3049811

The watch face seems to be off to the right. Also have the date in red at the six o clock position.

@Yik_Lim Correct @Ezento_Ikenna mentioned it too , I did use this anyway.(that’s also why the link with the name of the maker is there)
When you click on his name you’ll see his creation.
As for the date…
Do you have the old firmware?

Since the latest firmware (build version: 2016/09/03) the date doesn’t show at all, that why I didn’t “turn it of”
You see in the photo above there is no date.
With old firmware it turns up on the bottom in red as you noticed correctly.
This has been discussed here also.

Yes I am on old firmware. Been checking everyday for update, but there is no update. I got mine from Gearbest, but it was shipped from Netherlands.