Battery Swell up!

The battery swelled up and cracked the rear case on one corner, easily repairable. I contacted Microwear and got the usual bum reply and email address which was completely useless.
I found a battery I could fit 400mAH 30x30x3mm for 14 Euros but is it worth it? It was never a good product and RF (2G,3G) sensitivity was extremely poor. GPS functions were very iffy and battery life dropped to less than one day sat on the shelf with only BT on in less than 9months. When I bought it the cable had the internal data wires crossed over. I had to by a new cable from Blaze, if I remember correctly. I never got any sense or honesty from Microwear. I would definitely NOT buy another product from them.
The question is what can i replace it with?

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Watches have come on a long way since the H2 ( i had one ) . Depends on budget really . The Kospet prime is superb and has everything going for it .
Huge battery
Big screen
Gps fantastic for running

Also there is a SE model if you are on a budget . There is also the kronos genesis but it looks like he may not make a second batch



You might have a look at the LEM12 also. If you think about a square watch, have a closer look to the LEM10.

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I agree and as stupid as this may sound i have never had a watch so comfortable on my wrist as the Lem10 . :wink:

Thanks for the replies Guys, Still nothing from Microwear, Not that I expected anything given previous experience. The Kospet and some clones look interesting, what is the sensitivity like with regard to a normal cellphone. My prime interest is to replace the cellphone, That was not possible with the H2’s crap performance. While I do have some 5" and 6" cells I normally use a 3" old Xperia with Android 5.1, so the Kospet is like having something similar on a strap.

The difference in these watches over the last 12 months is huge . So replacing your phone with a watch is much more workable as the batterys are much better . The prime is a great example . There is also the Lem12 , Genesis , Lem10 etc

Sorry got my Knicks in a twist, I’m looking at the LEM4, DM98/99 2"+ screens and big Batteries.
The Kospet looks great, but I’ve got to get rid of the lumps of silicon and whatever else that misshapes my pockets.

The only problem with that is ( if you think its a problem ) is they are old watches . Way behind what is available now . All i can say to you is wait another few months if you are not happy with the watches i suggested . Obviously there is the LemT

What’s funny is I just got a DM98/99

Why ? because of the speaker lol. Much louder than the Ticwris Max . It might be older and kinda "outdated " but if I can set it up with some basic stuff and get great call volume , than I think I will have a solid phone replacement .

I like all these watches though . I actually just recommended one to a friend and you should have seen the curiosity looks I got while playing "Kung Fury " on my Ticwris :smiley:

Microwear is a waist of time bought two watches from them not that good the H7 battery broke the back I had to put it in the been the other H7 not much better,now I have kospet so far so good

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