Battery Lemfo lem12

I have a problem because my battery runs out after 4 hours.
Smartwatch connected to the phone all the time by watch droid phone. He has a sim card. I don’t know anymore what could be wrong.

firstly if you have updated firmware perform a factory reset and start again . Use wifi and gps only when you need it . Other battery advice

3g better than 4g
Pedometer always on kills battery
Google sync turn off
Screen raise can use a lot

4 hours is poor and you will get a lot more trust me . Personally i would factory reset either way and start again

i have just restored the settings. wifi disabled. we’ll see … but I don’t want to believe that he will last a few days as I read.

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Have you tried the MTKNoLed apk ? Read here : My Kospet Optimus Pro Drain Battery So Fast

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I normally get 24 to 48 hours out of my watches using good battery management as Dr. Andy suggested. Unlike your phone where you turn everything on a get a full day or more usage from a 4000mah+ battery your watch has a much smaller battery, 900mah. So the best practice is to leave Wi-fi, Data, GPS off until you actually need them. I run a Sim card, 2 or 3G and BT to connect via Watch Droid to my phone. Thats how I get a day or more from a charge. The other functions only as I need them.


Does this require root access? Because rooting seems to me a complex process, will I have root access if I install @none 's custom kernel? :grin:

The app doesn’t need root, but the ramdisk for the custom kernel is pre-applied with the magisk credentials, you just need to install the magisk apk file.

As for the MTKNoLed application, i will check if this is caused by the kernel and can be switched off.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I tried it and it doesn’t require root.

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I checked the application and it seems to trigger the ‘notification_light_pulse’ system setting, it’s turned off by default on my device (Rollme S08).

It can be checked with:
adb shell settings get system notification_light_pulse

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