Battery indicator problem KW88 Pro!

About mid day my battery suddenly shows that it is dropping 1% every 30 seconds or so when the display is on, at about 9 hours it goes into battery saver mode showing 12% or so. After cold booting the watch- it shows the percentage back at around 60% and works normally. This just started happening about a week ago. I’ve had the watch for about 2 months. Any thoughts?

I have had this happen before also . A full reset after software update did the trick for me . On another watch ( but many years back ) i used one of the playstore battery cailbration apps , i was warned it wouldnt work but it did :+1:. Unsure if these things are still around and work

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It can help Tim.
In android 5.1 you could wipe the battery stats and get results but Android 7… I’m not sure if it is a plecebo effect because you need root access for wiping battery stats now…

My advice is also make a factory reset followed by a full charge and then complete discharge.
Do this a couple of times to see if it is a battery problem.

I have to say though that it is a small battery in the kw88 pro and around 9 hours is not bad.


Thanks mate :+1:. Have a good weekend