Battery Finow x7

Where will I get the battery of Finow x7, 4.35volt 600ma capacity ? I am not finding any where due to its voltage 4.35 all over internet.
Picture of battery attached

On aliexpress there’s x3 x5 batteries, not x7…

Yes, that is why I asked to expert people. I have opened the watch to check the battery physically,and found over written like below:
600mAh. 2.280wh
+4.35V AO5Y19
I tried to upload the picture of the battery but I don’t know why it wouldn’t uploaded.

Any update where to buy battery? I need for IQI I8

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You might have a look at aliexpress.

I bought this one for my I8 and it worked well, it’s not available anymore though:

Already did - didn’t find anything
I suspect it might fit a huawei watch battery - there is a special connector for the battery

Your Huawei isn’t an full android smartwatch. Wrong forum, mate…

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I’ve got an IQI i8 and it’s a full Android smart watch with 4g. The battery is bust and bloated, I’m trying to find a replacement.

The x200 battery looks good except it’s not available for sale :joy: