Battery drained in a few minutes... KW88

Dear KW88 users,

I had an update made last week. 
Before, I was using the watch only with WiFi & Bluetooth connected to my iPhone. I was using the watch for more than one day, in Plane mode, allowing only WIFI & BT. 

Since this update, and I really think there is something wrong with this new version, it works fine for 1 hour or so, and within 2 minutes, the watch turns off, and the battery is à 0% !!!

Anyone had the same behavior? 

Build Version : 2016 09 03

I have my KW 88 now for 5 days and at the beginning I was really happy with the performance, BUT:

even when switching off GPS and DATA the battery life is abyssmal … and it seems to be a core-problem: yesterday I diconnected from charger at 8am and had still 75% battery at 5 pm …

“Fine”, I thought, “I can live with switching on DATA and GPS only when I really need it”, but once again when checking time one hour later (6pm) I had to find out, that the watch turned off meanwhile because of no juice ( I changed nothing in the settings).

And this behaviour was replicable every day since I got it 5 days ago: Battery goes down to approx. 50%, You think You are still fine, but then after some 30 minutes later You have to find out it switched off because of no juice (showing 1% when connected to the charger).

So, YES, I have the same problem

Tried the procedure as described by rsk01 in another KW88 battery-thread post and it worked for one day.

I was happy and I thought: now my KW88 works similar to my old (and battery - broken and fully charge-contact-corrosion after 2,5 years) Gear S.

Yesterday I left home at 6am, battery consumption until nine was down to 66% (Data, WLAN and GPS OFF, screen birghtness: LOW) and when 30 minutes later I wanted to check the time I found that KW88 switched off again.

Now I am finally totally fed up with this Smartwatch and I send it back …

Have you checked to see if your Heart Rate Monitor is going without actively going in & turning it on?
I had this exact issue at work tonight. Last time I looked at my KW88 it still had 79% battery then next time I looked at it some 15 - 20 minutes later it was 4%… I thought to myself “What the actual funk!?”
So, I turned it off, put it in my bag & just thoughtŕ t þř I’d figure out what was going on when I got home?
Got home & connected the charger & within 5 seconds the heart rate monitor came on & stayed on. No blinking, nothing! Just a constant stream of green light coming from the HRM? I thought to myself that was probably the cause of the rapid battery life decline but now I don’t know what to do about the continuing heart rate monitor being on…?
I can’t charge it without it staying on the whole time so what do I do?

Hey guys,

I did this Akku calibration yesterday. Since fully charging I’m testing now.
With the similar lemfo les1 like kw88.

I have insert a SIM and have GSM 3G on.
Bluetooth, GPS wlan and mobile data are off.

Wrist activate is of too.

I closed all Backround Apps and did a cleaning.

I turned on my watch at 9 o’clock with 100 %.
Now it is 11 o’clock and Akku shows 100%

I don’t now yet, what the watch is doing at 20 % (before I did calibration it often shut down by 20 %)

I copy this text to lemfo les1 “energy saving ------” too and will write my experiences there.

Try this :-


Read this guys


The reality is you have to keep clearing google data after you have used playstore etc . Read link above . It really works and if problem returns " do it again "


Some watchface could drain your battery, at least thats what happened to my kw88. So I chose a non animated watchface. And in this 3rd day, my watch is still on, showing 31% of battery. No sim card, turn off wifi, gps, waking up gesture, clear all recent task.