Battery control apps

Hi, I have just recently installed 2 apps for my phone and also for smartwatch:
3c battery manager which free version allows you to set alarm at certain temperature, I configured to 35º because they recommend 2 more degree than normal phone temperature (I forgot I was charging phone and reached 38º)

Accubattery which gives you advices about battery charging (recommend from 0% to 80%) and has stats about battery health (but I don’t know why it’s not showing data in my phone)

According to this link, my Xiaomi mi 9 phone reached highest temperature while charging reaching 39ºC so I configured alarm in 3c battery manager at 40ºC. I will have to check what normal temperatures are normal for Kospet Prime.(that reach higher temperatures if I charge it on so I always switch off for charge).

I hope you use for take care of phones and smartwatchs batteries.


I would monitor the battery useage with these apps. They are on all the time using battery. Not so much a problem on your phone’s 4800mah battery. I discontinued using one on my phone because of battery usage.

@Jonathan_Bickel 3300 mhA but you can always get powerbanks :smiley:, I wanted to make batteries live longer because every charge they degraded and in my phone and I guess in Kospet Prime, it’s not easy to replace as in old phones, probably or sure I will need a specialist battery replacement service :frowning_face:.

What is really strange is what are the most apps using battery reported by system against reported by Accubattery and none of them says nothing about a music player I was using this afternoon using sleeping screen and speaker which should have a high battery consumption.

At least I will use temperature sensors to control phone and smartwatch (I can’t control how much battery smartwatch can load because it doens’t appear in screen, so I don’t know if it’s at 70%,80%, …)

Hi, @pablo.valcarcel1980 Accubattery gives data after two three days and some of the graphs are complicate to understand.

@mehul1 Thanks a lot, I’m using accubattery to warn me at 80% charge and 3c battery manager to warn me when battery is at lower than 3% and phone temperature reachs more than 40ºC. I should be a electrical engenieer to understand those graphs :rofl:

I have just read a fast charging article where explains:
“Wattage, or power, is computed as a result of current (A, or amperes) multiplied by voltage (V, or volts). Current is the amount of electric current being transported, while voltage is the force that drives this current forward. Therefore, 3A/5V charging will deliver 15W of power.”

Volts and amperes are measures of electricity.

A volt (is the unit of electric potential difference) the size of the force that sends the electrons through a circuit.

An ampere is the unit used to measure electric current. Current is a count of the number of electrons flowing through a circuit. One amp is the amount of current produced by a force of one volt acting through the resistance of one ohm.

Let’s check 3c battery manager chart

We can see at bottom next column fields: date, hour, mA,% ,mV and temperature (ºC) you can see these fields in historic log so:
mA are the ammount of electrons flowing
% remain battery
mV Size of force which battery is pushing electricity
ºC Battery temperature,this is what it matters to me, I have ranges from 34.4ºc to 37.7ºC, my alarm in 3c battery manager chart is when battery is over 80% of charge (battery degradation according to these apps, you should charge between 0 and 80% but I will charge at 1,2 or 3% if I get notification or I hear alarm sound, last time I didn’t, that’s the reason second alarm is battery % is under 4% and I will create another ones at 3% and 2%) and the most important when you charge (I don’t know if fast charge matters for reach higher temperatures) I configured alarm for temperature higher than 40%.

Which is funny is that 3c battery manager chart, accubattery and system battery reports me different about what apps are wasting more battery, take a look these images:

What I have clear is that Always on Amoled is one of tiers because phone is “sleeping” with that lock app most part of time and also it should be also music player, I use it at these hours to listen music (instead of computer :rofl: because I have a ssd connected to phone)…

Regards and thanks

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Well you are electrical engineer indeed @pablo.valcarcel1980. Very informative ,Thanks friend and Best regards

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@mehul1 Well, far away from that :), when my father starts to talk about electricity I don’t understand anything :slight_smile: but thanks we have google images and as a image worths more than words, I try always to search for image :slight_smile: .

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My one day experience charging only at recommended 80%, I was really impressed in how fast phone battery dropped to 0 after charging to 80%, that 20% more I don’t know why but it’s a huge difference, I haven’t tested in smartwatch but as I have to charge smartwatch off, I won’t be able to see percentage charge so maybe these apps are a cpu and ram and battery waste and it’s better replace battery in the future that worry about present. I have seen a shop where they can replace battery for 30€ so I think I will keep charging up to 100% even if it’s not the best practice for battery charge

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I would recommend 3c battery manager because you can set one alarm in free version and that alarm could be battery temperature which I think is interesting, a battery can be replaced with some money but if phone or smartwatch battery reach high temperature I don’t know if it could explode so it’s not bad to have a temperature alarm!!

Thanks guys!!

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can someone tell me that my optimus2 batteries temperature is normal on charging? :innocent::sweat_smile: