Battery Connector doesnt work

Hi I have some problem with loading my watch. the connector semm not to work on the watch. When I connect it to load it , it ws taking a lot of time to get the load signal. that same is happening with the extr docking station. Icleaned the connectors allready. nothing is happening. anyone has something like this already?

Have you checked in settings / connections / usb ?

well yes. like i said there was in the last time allways a problem to load the battery. i was really searching long time for a real good position to get loading status. and now it doesnt connect at all. so the usb setting are correct and unchanged

If ports clean and undamaged and you have tried various usb charging its a hardware issue . I am assuming the cable is not broken ? You could try opening up the watch although this can sometimes cause more damage . Depending on how old / where you bought it there maybe a option to return it ?

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well it looks like some other damage. i got already one replacement I got this watch in august 2021 . than it died one day in dezember . kospet had replaced it. and now again the connector :frowning: somehow sad because I really like this watch, but there is still something going wrong. By the way I don’t really understand why they use this strange connector. it doesn’t make sense even if they are not waterproof. really a big disappointment with this watch somehow…