Battery Calibration Solved !

Really hope this helps guys . It worked for me on my old KW88 and now just done this on my LES1 . A guy called " Tony Bunn " introduced this to me about a year ago and although some say apps are fake this worked for me twice . So here we go .

Close down ALL apps etc
Charge to 100% not 99%
Install and run " repair battery life pro from playstore " then close app
Again charge to 100%
Install and run " advanced battey calibrator from playstore " then close app
Again charge to 100% and reboot

Previously my Lemfo Les1 would disharge around 50-60% ? So i never really new what i had . My battery now runs from 100% and discharges at 1-2% .

I hope this helps and you get good results

Dr . Vishnu


Thank you for the advice, this method worked for my 1 les. The battery didn’t work other advice

My Finow X7 was shutting down under 50% and now works till 3%. The battery seems lasting the same time. No faster draining.

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I actually forgot i wrote that post . Glad it worked for you :+1:

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