Banggood Shipping from US wgerehouse.

Banggood will promise to deliver your item from a US where house within 20 max. They give you a 34 digit tracking number to use. If your item goes to their “Shipping Partner” and stays there for more than “TWO” days, it is LOST AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT. My Ticwris has been at the “Shipping Partner” for 22 days now and they never took it to the USPS for delivery. After many emails about this their solution is again “Wait 6 more days”. I googled “Banggood Shipping Partner” and got 372,000 hits so the problem must be Huge.

I’ve never seen this problem with them. Are you in the U.S. ? If you paid with PayPal you have that protection. Also if you got mailing insurance with banggood that may cover you also. They can be slow at times and with the virus still going on I’ve seen extra slowdowns. If tracking shows it has not been delivered then eventually you can file for a refund. Good luck with it.

The refund depends on the contract between the carrier and the seller.