Bakeey or Makibes A4 GPS data

Good evening.
I recently purchased a Bakeey A4 which is very similar to the Makibes A4, if that helps.
I have one matter. After GPS locking on satellites I enter a fitness mode i.e cycling. I do not get GPS data as speed, time, distance. After 4 to 5 minutes I get distance but no other data. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

There are 2 versions of the fitness app.
Depending on what the brand asked for from the manufacturer.
The non GPS version looks almost identical to the GPS enabled version.
If you have location turned OFF and then open the fitness app and select outdoor run or similar - the app should ask you to turn GPS on.
If it doesn’t ask you to do this it is the non GPS version of the app.

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Hi there. Thanks for the reply.
It is the gps version, it asks to turn on the gps. But after the gps locks I do not get gps data on the app i.e speed , only distance after 4 to 5 minutes… Do I have to do something from the settings or how can I update or change the fitness app?

after installing another fitness ap from playstore everything is OK.
It was just the built in ap…


Yes - the built in app is limited
Glad you have sorted it out.
By the way - for the benefit of others here, which app did you use?

Sports tracker ap and its OK.