Bad face unlock


I find the face unlock totally crazy on this watch.
It is not enough to look at the watch, you have to tap on the watch, then the snake code opens (it’s ugly) then by looking at the watch the face unlock works.

I saw an official video and a video of a user who only looked at his watch and it unlocked. Is this an old firmware? Result I do not use the face unlock or the snake code.

And you ?

you have the new firmware, the watch in the video has the old firmware

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Ok, too bad, I prefer the old unlock.

I’m afraid my watch would vomit if It had this feature. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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@Louis_Peek, I first thought it was some new guy who thought that watches are able to vomit, but it makes much more sense that it is you. Your watch probably vomits because it has eaten too many sammiches. Did you get tired of impersonating a helicopter?


LOL! You noticed my avatar. That’s not my pic BTW, I’m even doofier looking than that! Check out my newest one!


I find it unfortunate that KOSPET does not practice application perfection.

Regarding the face unlock, why unlock each time ?
One time is enough. Also, when the watch is far from the cellphone (by bluetooth information) then yes! a face unlock, or code, would be requested.

But not when it’s on your wrist every time you want to touch the watch.
I find it stupid without any intelligent research.

China makes pretty watches, so a few apps are made for the watch, but nothing else.
The first firmware was good it was enough to put a security so that the watch is locked from the moment when it is no longer on the wrist, it is not the sensors that are missing !

What do you think ?

To be truthfull i dont have a use for it but its a matter of opinion . On a positive note ( from experience ) one thing you get from Kospet is new ideas , concepts that leaves others behind . And more to come :wink:

Huge battery
Face unlock
1.6 ips screen with no flat tyre

For me long it may continue :+1:


I totally agree. Kospet has raised the standards for smartwatches! Especially in the battery capacity.
I wonder what features and battery capacity these guys will put in their next model!

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