Backup app suggestion for A10?

Since Google backup doesn’t seem to work with A10 watch, does anyone have a suggestion for a backup app that will also backup the app data? (It take my a few hours to reinstall/configure all my software after a firmware upgrade/factory reset) A few years ago, I was using Helium backup, but it is no longer maintain and doesn’t seem to work with my LEM14 FAW. :thinking:

Maybe worth using the latest FAW firmware and see if it will work

Yes it does work on the FAW version :+1:

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With FAW, i didn’t find the way to restore the data into the watch (from Google backup). With a branded Android device, during the Google registration, they ask if I would like to restore a previous backup, but I have not seen this step in FAW. The Google help page say that the restore procedure vary and to ask the manufacturer of the device. Any hints?