Backup app suggestion for A10?

Since Google backup doesn’t seem to work with A10 watch, does anyone have a suggestion for a backup app that will also backup the app data? (It take my a few hours to reinstall/configure all my software after a firmware upgrade/factory reset) A few years ago, I was using Helium backup, but it is no longer maintain and doesn’t seem to work with my LEM14 FAW. :thinking:

Maybe worth using the latest FAW firmware and see if it will work

Yes it does work on the FAW version :+1:

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With FAW, i didn’t find the way to restore the data into the watch (from Google backup). With a branded Android device, during the Google registration, they ask if I would like to restore a previous backup, but I have not seen this step in FAW. The Google help page say that the restore procedure vary and to ask the manufacturer of the device. Any hints?

I’m after a similar solution please. I love my LEM14 and I’m thinking of buying a ‘spare’

How would I go about ‘backing’ up the complete device so that I can then ‘clone’ to my 2nd LEM14?

Thanks in advance.

Download your favourite apps ( .apk files ) from APK pure . I keep in a folder on my desktop for quick installation . Google works great with FAW firmware for reinstalling contacts etc

Thanks Dr. I was hoping I may be able to ‘suck’ an image from my 14 using Flashtools, it that a possibility?

Flash tools is for flashing firmware only . As for sucking a image ? I dont understand . Sorry

It would not work with A10 @Dr_Andy_Vishnu.
He is referring to making a backup using SP tools Readback function.
But as the image signature would be different if it was flashed - it would immediately fail Verity check and need a factory reset - unless the entire backup was flashed.
You cannot just flash userdata - for example.
Therefore making the whole process a waste of time.
It is secure for a reason - to stop people cloning someone’s data and then firing it up on a different device.

I’m glad you understood what he meant :sweat_smile::handshake:

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Thanks gents. I appreciate your advice. Its just a shame that ‘google’ have not the same backup and restore capabilities as the apple eco system…

They have.
It is just that the stock firmware is not capable of this functionality for various reasons.
That’s just how it is at the moment.
Let’s see what happens in the near future :+1: