Back to Basics...Android 7.1.1

Hi, after trying numerous round faw-es, i decided to go back in time. after having had the lemfo lem T and ticwris max s, i tried the kospet prime 2, lemfo 12 and lemfo 14 as android 10 watches…not only was there no real upgrade for me with the android 10 platform (all apps i use work as well on android 7.1.1)
i found that the rectangular format cannot be beat when using apps that require rectangular formats…but the biggest letdown with all 3 of the round a10 watches was batterylife. i could not get more than 10 hours of batterylife (without data connected)

So i decided to go back to a ticwris max s…what a machine…batterylife is incredible (still 60% after a 12 hour workday with full usage and the same settings as on the a10 watches)

anyway, enough rambling…just wanted to say i am staying with this watch until another rectangular watch comes out with decent batterylife



I’m also in that camp. I still use my 2+ year old Lem 10 on a daily basis and it does everything I need without all the hassles.

Totally agree with this . The Ticris max is one amazing watch :+1: . Also awesome for running . Hopefully you will get to see A10 on this :+1:


I had two Lemts, now I have switched to Lem12 pro, but I miss the rectangular format. but i was thinking now of switching to max s or kospet note, what do you think? (It has less battery, but more acceptable size). Are there any contraindications regarding the system? Thanks

Ticris Max S i have tested fully . Go for it


i had the lem t and the max s…batterylife is as good on the max s as it is on the lem t…and i find the difference in size better in every day wearing…like the doctor sayed…go for it…


Well put. I’ve had mine for less than a month and I’m surprised and in love with it.

It is a cool watch :+1:

it is a cool watch…still use mine every day…only little drawback for me is there is no way to change the band…i am a big guy with huge wrists and find myself on the one to last hole on the band wich makes it difficult to loop the remaining rest under the clasps…being able tu put a longer metal band on this would be the best for me, but as i understand there seem to be antennas inbedded in the band so its a no go,but still the best android watch i have owned (and i have had a lot :wink: )

did a bit more work on my personalized watchface…put a picture of me and the wife in the background with a analog clock instead of a digital…changed the date format to the more used day, date, month format…and addes all my shortcuts to my most used apps…still THE BEST full android watch…i love this fricking thing…

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Is Android 7 still okay to use in 2023 and for the next couple of years or so or should I be looking at A10/A11? I really like the form factor of the LEM10 but it only has A7. The only other square/rectangle watch I can find with A10 is the Max S but it’s just looks a bit big for my liking… I’ve been reading up quite a bit but any other watches I may have missed with similar form factor to LEM10 and A10? Thanks.

For me the A7 lem10 is brilliant . A11 okay
A10 really good


What is great about FAWs is that you can use them with most apps. I love my Kospet prime SE and the Lem 13 the only downside is battery life which i can use fully but they last about a day. What i have now (lokmat 7 ) i dont have to check battery or to use saving mode.

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