Back to Basics...Android 7.1.1

Hi, after trying numerous round faw-es, i decided to go back in time. after having had the lemfo lem T and ticwris max s, i tried the kospet prime 2, lemfo 12 and lemfo 14 as android 10 watches…not only was there no real upgrade for me with the android 10 platform (all apps i use work as well on android 7.1.1)
i found that the rectangular format cannot be beat when using apps that require rectangular formats…but the biggest letdown with all 3 of the round a10 watches was batterylife. i could not get more than 10 hours of batterylife (without data connected)

So i decided to go back to a ticwris max s…what a machine…batterylife is incredible (still 60% after a 12 hour workday with full usage and the same settings as on the a10 watches)

anyway, enough rambling…just wanted to say i am staying with this watch until another rectangular watch comes out with decent batterylife



I’m also in that camp. I still use my 2+ year old Lem 10 on a daily basis and it does everything I need without all the hassles.

Totally agree with this . The Ticris max is one amazing watch :+1: . Also awesome for running . Hopefully you will get to see A10 on this :+1:

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I had two Lemts, now I have switched to Lem12 pro, but I miss the rectangular format. but i was thinking now of switching to max s or kospet note, what do you think? (It has less battery, but more acceptable size). Are there any contraindications regarding the system? Thanks

Ticris Max S i have tested fully . Go for it


i had the lem t and the max s…batterylife is as good on the max s as it is on the lem t…and i find the difference in size better in every day wearing…like the doctor sayed…go for it…