Back cover Prime2

Hi guys. I use my Prime2 as a gem, but unfortunately I noticed that pins are damaged. For the moment I have no problems charging but I wanted to know if it is possible to buy a back cover. Thank you.

i had the same problem with my prime 2 , so i contacted support on kospets own website and they sent me a new back cover for free , it was simple to replace as well .

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This is what they look like after 3 months of use

In your opinion, can I ask that they send me a new back cover?

Deterioration of the charging contacts is the number one reason my watches become unusable. There really needs to be a better way. What’s wrong with a standard micro USB port?

well, I would prefer a micro-USB socket too. However, the space requirement is significantly larger and therefore unsuitable for most watches.

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share this with you:

It was enough to send Kospet an email with the photo of the damaged cover and they sent me a new one. I paid only customs and postage costs: total 4 euros :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Great Kospet :muscle:


Currently there support to second to none compared to others :+1: Great result

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Had the same problem on my prime 2 and kospet sent me a free back cover so i was able to get my watch charging again , had an old round charging block which repaired my other back , the chargers themselfs use the same part on both watch and phone , the only difference was they are backwards , if you open the back you see the same pins and magnets like the blocks , simply just take the part from the block and carefully push the pins through the empty holes ( left when you take out the old charging pins ) and your done , i did find the quality of the charging pins poor as i wore my optimus profor a yesr and those pins look as good as day 1.lucky its kospet as there service is very good , lemfo are bad , my lem 12 pros screw on the sim tray crumbled and i had to destroy the metal cover and make a new one as they would send a replacement sim draw but only if i payed, so far the new android 10 watches are falling apart , never had problems with the old android 7.1.1 watches.

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