"AVP"... a quick animated project that uses the Predator countdown character set...

“AVP”… a quick animated project that uses the Predator countdown character set… the time shown is 19:22… but as it’s highly unlikely that anybody “speaks” Predator the two glowing outer rings also show the time…
Production companies - Amercent Films (1)
American Entertainment Partners L.P. (1)
Davis Entertainment Company (1-4)
Lawrence Gordon Productions (1-2)
Silver Pictures (1-2)
Troublemaker Studios (3)
Dune Entertainment (3)
TSG Entertainment (4)

A simple design from an idea by Bruno Ferreira (cvigti)

Nice! Could you maybe invert the colours? The numbers in red and the dots in neon green? And maybe extra dots for 12, 03, 06 and 09. And maybe zoom out a little to include more of the picture inside the circle. BTW, is there a way to see how it would look on the actual watch, animated? On the PC?

Just now I’ve noticed that it is the predator vs alien NICE:)

@Bruno_Ferreira_cvigt Hi BF… all those things are possible… I’ve even included two back panels in different contrasts in the AVP.zip file (the one pictured is the darker version)…
Download ClockSkinMaker (CSM) to your computer and you’ll be able to try all the variations and even see the “AVP” running (before you load it onto your watch)…

There’s a link to CSM in the “Custom Faces Development” section…

@Bruno_Ferreira_cvigt I haven’t changed the back panel but here’s a quick red version…

awesome and original! quick question: what kind of issues with copyrigthed stuff brands images and such may one encounter or…nobody really cares? :slight_smile:

A good and important question… have a look at the forum rules for a start… some people will use logos etc if it’s not for commercial gain…

thats wht i thought

The more i look at it the cooler it looks :smiley:

is brutal, can you upload in .apk for zeblaze blitz?