Aviation meets clockskins (SKIN EDIT and New Skins)

That’s some badass looking copter. Any footage from that cam?

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Yeah, but not so great. Heli’s have a lot of vibration as compared to a drone, so I gave up on the video aspect.

I have a big respect for any one who’s into DIY projects.

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just now it strike me this would be cool for square face watches. How many roughly here use square watches?

I’d rather you didn’t use that pic since it has my name on the canopy, unless you erase it out ok?


Confirm that’s a joke soon,before I get banned

@Ashik_Jonathan, when you said

, you meant that your watchface (from the first post in the thread) would be cool as a square watchface, right? It seems like @Louis_Peek thought you were talking about his picture of the helicopter.


Lol no
I’m not going to use your avatar for a square watch face. I’m not saying it won’t look nice. “this” means the skin posted above. You know…cockpit displays are never circular except those old ones with physical gauges. A Mfd screen would be represented as it is exactly in a square face. Thats what I was planning.

Oh ok… sorry :grimacing: I wouldn’t allow you to be banned BTW!!

LMAO! Thank you for clarifying this!


Hey, I love it. Has anyone installed this MFD into a Lem T? And how did you do it?

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Hi Ashik, I just chucked the “Naval” version my Kospet Hope Lite with standard launcher and everything seems to be reading correctly…and it looks damn awesome into the bargain! Another great effort mate! :+1:Cheers, Doons

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isn’t the Lem T rectangular? Do you want a rectangular version?
How did I do it - well the elements were designed in Inkscape exported to WFD and made it spin like a maniac.

____Thank you mate. ____

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Ut oh! I didn’t realize I flattered you! Could you do me a real favor mate and keep it to yourself? :zipper_mouth_face: I mean if it gets around that I was even remotely nice to someone it will completely ruin my image as a thorough going basta…er…regular guy! :woozy_face::rofl:Cheers, Doons

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Any chance for an MFD retangular as it must have been at some point?

had to make one which takes use of the entire round screen real estate. So abandoned that long ago.
may be if there is a new request. we’ll try to make one.

Hi Jonathan, today I’ve got a kospet prime and trying to find new skins I came across your excellent design.
I’ve already tried to use a smartwatch in flight as you can see in this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mszlYVZG5B4
Of course it’s just our android app, running on the smartwatch.
How could I install your interface in my watch? Go on with the good job!


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Done. Awesome!! Thanks