Average LEM 14 battery life. (not charge but life)

I’ve had my LEM 14 for about a y\ear now. I have 3 of the charging stations that I use as I travel. I’m starting to get intermittently slow charging ( 3 hours for 20 %) I get the same issue on all three chargers.

Does anyone know how long the battery on the LEM 14 works before it starts degrading?

Have you tried recalibrating the battery?


How do you do that?
I tried charging off of both charging pucks and with the cable directly. On the pucks it is slower than before and with the cable it’s about normal speed. (1 hr from 30% to 100%)
I think it’s safe to say the watch is OK just the pucks are going out.

You download a battery calibration app and follow the directions. The app I use is no longer available in the Play Store but there are several like this.

In my experience it is important that you follow the directions completely and don’t try to short cut the process.


Thanks. I’ll give that a shot

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