Avengers clockfaces

Huge fan of avengers can someone make these watch face for me into Google drive link would look good on my watch thank you. can you make it just like the pictures are pls thank you model watch I have x20086e6ae27bf3e81a64ccbf968e6e32715 0e6d8dded4cb8534fd7f4ec8a3bc821d 813a74233208018bd2123c7a6cd3ed70 2035aac179e708f03002d9a375c092db 8b8858fdd71edbded181f7c95e89d741 7f19c2f180b9b867fe2df6242b2bece8 505f80b6ea19372e9ff08f9deca3de75 digital1_4 digital1_5 digital1_2 digital1_3 digital1_8 digital1_6 digital1_7 digital1_0 digital1_1

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Those are so simple to do why not try yourself ? Download WFD and have a go . It will take minutes as you want them very basic . Its upto you


@Joshua_Downey1 Joshua_Downey1 I have already made this Avengers watch face back in last year. You can use the search engine or find it from my profile.
BTW (to save your time) here the download link, enjoy -


Hello @Cosmo_De, nice to see you!:blush:

Thanks mate :smiley:

I would, but you never thanked me for the one I made for you last month…


I did I liked your post and thanked you

I tried it before I downlode it but all the watchfaces don’t show up as a clock skin pls fix and check

I am presuming that you use Universal Launcher on your smartwatch. This clock skin was designed and intended to work correctly only on Universal Launcher. Btw on your request I again checked the above posted link & tested the watch face and it works perfectly OK.

For me only the scarlet witch face loads the others dont

Is there away you can make it without universal launcher

I think you should start to do it yourself.

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Would love to but I don’t have a computer and if only someone created a app for phone to create watch faces but wait that’s what watchmaker for but that’s sucks it doesn’t support my watch why can’t there be a program for phones that make watch faces and let’s you downlode them for all android watches

If you install Universal launcher from the playstore on your watch you can use watchmaker faces also.
So you can create your own faces with watchmaker and use them with Universal Launcher on your watch-
Problem solved.


My watch doesn’t support it my watch model Android and it a x200 model

Please explain why UL is not supported by your watch ?

Don’t no I tried using universal launcher before on my watch it loads and doesn’t let me add custom watch faces which is weird just need a program or app out there that supports all android watches

@Cosmo_De First of all, Thanks for the faces mate, although I am more of a John Steed & Emma Peel Avengers fan (TV series back in the late 60’s early 70’s…I think :grinning:) I like the look of your faces as they bring a real splash of colour to the watch. Having said that…all these faces are running perfectly on my Kospet Hope Lite with standard launcher…so anyone who just has a standard launcher…give em a go! Cheers, Doons

How dosent load up on my watch

@Joshua_Downey1 Hi mate, well I just downloaded the zip file, used Clockskin Transfer to send them to my watch and Bingo! Instant Avengers. Haven’t a clue how it all works mate, but I can swear on a stack of Bibles that they are working on my Kospet with standard launcher. Cheers, Doons