Automatic Bluetooth tethering


I ask you if you can help me with tethering. How do you get watch everytime connected to internet?.In the past, i used Bluetooth Tethering Manager to manage watch connection without losing internet (wifi and 4g bluetooth connection from phone)…but now on my Lemfo Lem12 Pro, doesn’t works.

The last solution I’m using is to activate manually bluetooth connection from phone; but everytime I lost connection, I have to enable wifi or bluetooth tethering again.

Do you have an alternative?


Hello @ic.dcandelori , Dear full android watch user.

I did same thing by using macrotools.
Automate, Macrodroid, Tasker, etc.

I used “Automate”. Its easy to use but I can do difficulty things. Now A10 has bug as you know, we can’t show popup dialog some situations, so I can’t use Macrodroid on A10 watch.

If you want to make a connection of BT PAN automatically (server:Phone, client:Watch), Its maybe useful as a reference. I have run this flow for reconnect to BT PAN. (Its not good flow, only for a reference)



You are a professional user in the “AUTOMATE” app.
It would be nice to share the “.flo” file with us. That’s a really big help.

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Hi @gyuri , and nice people of this community.

There are 3 problems.

  1. The Phone is different by user.
  2. A10 watch has bug, you can’t “pickup device” feature. so you must write directly name of phone to the block.
  3. Mr. @ic.dcandelori require this method? I’m not confident.

By the way, I try to share the flow.

Please read the description of flow.

, I use another flow too. If display on, BT PAN connection become on. I can reduce battery drain of BT, but there is time lag.


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OK. I understand. Thank You

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Thank you. I like this method but i’d never did it before on this app (same on tasker, that i want to learn how to do a task o learn about commands).

Can you help me to implement when screen is on?

Hi @ic.dcandelori , nice working person!

I’m newbie of Tasker, so I don’t know about Tasker so much. but I guess Its not easy to make the profile like The “If Screen on, BT PAN becomes on” flow. Because Tasker doesn’t have way to easy make connection and disconnection of BT “PAN” only. (Its not mean Tasker can’t do it, Tasker is strongest macrotool. I don’t know it now …)

At the default, Tasker has tasks of connecting and disconnecting all of BT. but It will kill BT connection of WatchDroid also.

By the way, I can help you about Automate.
In my flow, “BluetoothPAN_byDisplay_V0.1”.

And in No.8 block, please do same things; Write Device name.

Its easy to change the flow at the phone. After finished, please send the flow to your watch and import.

(Your Phone must be BT tethering is on.)
Please give the authority to the flow. Yon can check the log.


Thank you excellent. Here is my first app. Same as you, but with no unlocked watch. Delay can’t work more than 3 exact seconds. I don’t know why…!Ar2ik64Bsyd_gu4_IlIa9X1ESGivag

Let’s stay in touch.


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Hi , @ic.dcandelori . Great user.

I will check your flow, now I have several advice.

  1. I searched in this community, and discover the topic of same thing about Tasker with another app;

Automatic Bluetooth Internet Tethering Automatic Bluetooth Internet Tethering

Its useful for us.

  1. Its important to divide the fiber (fiber means executive portion in the flow), because If the BT is off, BT connection will be false, fiber will be stopped. So I made main loop of “Display on?” and sub flow of "Connect or Disconnect BT " by using Fork block.

  2. In my flow, No.3 “Devices unlocked?” block is not work if you don’t use lock screen. On non-locked Watch, “display on” is equal to “un-locked”. If you use lock screen, the block work waiting untill unlocked. Do you use lock screen?


Good weekend, @ic.dcandelori , Nice user.

I checked your flow. I think you are hard working person. Its better than my first flow.
My advice is below;

  1. Unfortunately, in the Deep sleep mode (DOZE mode), Automate can’t work normally, especially Delay block. Please check the “awake device” box of No.7 Delay block. But Its use battery a little. I guess you need 10sec connection after display off, so Its no matter…?

  2. On my Prime2, No.8 Delay block work correctly. You can check the log, where the fiber being now.


  1. You can use “device locked?” block, if you use lock screen. But lock screen will disturb some working of Automate, because security; Eg. I can’t use click and swipe emulation on the lock screen, of course.


Perfect I’m working to improve my Flow share it again.

I have another question to resolve:
I discover that if a go away from BT coverage, Flow freezes and I have to stop and re-connect to fix it.

According to this, I managed to build an automatic flow to fix it using the visibility from notification of watch droid assistant. “If it visible then run Flow, otherwise stops”. The thing is that i can’t pick up the flow…it goes away and return to Automate everytime I want to use pick up. How do you fix this in A10???

Hi, @ic.dcandelori . You are true hard worker!

According to this, I managed to build an automatic flow to fix it using the visibility from notification of watch droid assistant. “If it visible then run Flow, otherwise stops”.

Its nice idea! you are nice.
I have two method for your question. I guess you want to use “STOP flow” block. No.1 is smart, but at No.2, you can get knowledge about Automate.

Please use “Fiber Stop” block alternative to “Stop flow”. “STOP flow” needs " flow URI", but we can’t pickup on A10watch and Its different by devices.

Please set variable of “fiber URI” in “Beginning Flow” block.

Please set the variable to “fiber stop” block.

This way is smart, because we can use the flow in all devices.

You can write directly to “Stop flow” block. Please see the bottom area of the picture. There is “Current Value: flow URI”. All Automate’s block has URI. In this case;


“98” means flow number. “1” means block number in the flow. So you can write the below to “Stop flow” ;


If you use this method, you can’t use this flow another device, because “98” is different by devices.