Automated Actions

Ok, I’d like my watch to switch to silent, dim the display to a percentage, turn off notification, Bluetooth, wifi, etc at a time of night that I set and reverse these settings at a time I set in the morning.

I have played around with Google Assistant with little to no joy.

There must be a watch friendly app (one that I can see the settings for) out there?

Looking for one too!

Specially I would like to get automatic always time on, let say adter 6pm…

Thats no problem, but you will need root. With that you can install the xposed framework and for that the module “edge”. With that you can set anything you want on any button or gesture. With Edge Pro you can also start multiple macros with one action.

If you have problems reaching every corner, you can use the free app “vysor” on your computer. It works really well for setup of things like that.