At long last, New Faces?!

After a few months of not being able to work, I have 2 faces I will be releasing shortly…and at least 1 WIP. For the ladies, I’ll be releasing the Invicta Captain Marvel Deluxe. If you’re a guy and like the design, you are welcome to download it too. It has a moving background and does NOT require UL. Secondly, I will be releasing the Ryoshi-Sama Original, Ringe Grüne. (@G1NT0N1C, I apologise if my German is off. It’s not my native language. It’s supposed to be Green Rings. Please correct if wrong before I post.) I was going for a slight fuzzy green glow with rotating analog hour and minute disks and a digital projection of the time and date. With these two, I just have to export and post.
Here is a pic of Green Rings:

Anyways, I hope y’all like them and look forward to my upload. I will leave the Invicta and it’s credit for my actual post as I’m not including a pic yet.


Hi Nicholas! Good to hear from you again mate! Trust you to be coming back with a couple of great faces! :+1: By the way, according to Google translate “Ringe Grüne” translates to “Rings Green” so it looks like the name should be right. Anyway, looking forward to seeing them posted mate! Cheers, Doons

@Doonsbury Yeah. Google Translate translates literally vs grammatically. Many romance languages put the colour or adjective after the noun. That’s why I did it that way. (eg “une chat bleu = a Blue cat” en français). I may have to tweek the faces a smidgen, but I should be able to release them very soon.

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COOL! THANK :upside_down_face:YOU!