Aston Martin DB5 (Ver 1 & 2)

Second in the series of exotic/Legendary sports cars of now and yesteryear we have the Aston Martin DB5…aka James Bond car. May start doing 2 versions of each one since it is rather hard to find a good 3/4 side view of each car and also wanted to add more detail of each car…version 1 is strictly 3/4 side view and version 2 has on top a side view with 2 photos of the car below…both front and back view…and it doesnt look too bad to where it would almost be overkill…this may/may not work for each vehicle so we should see…has custom made aston martin grille hands with a DB5 second hand with weekday and day function…Enjoy

Version 1


Version 2


Credits -, DB5 logo/overhead view, DB5 side/front/back view & Aston Martin logo

Dropbox Link - Aston Martin DB5 V1 & Aston Martin DB5 V2


As I said before @Labby a couple of extremely well designed faces mate! :+1: But then again, this would possibly be one of the most famous cars in the world? In fact, when I saw it as a teen in Sydney back in the 60’s it was on a world tour! Cheers, DOO7NS :rofl:

Of course fellow forum members this face also has the standard features…Revolving number plates…Smoke screen…Oil slick…Road spikes…Ejector seat…and Left & Right front wing machine Guns…but to access these features you will need to hold a “OO” prefix! Cheers, “M”…er…Doons :crazy_face: :rofl: