Эдуард Коломинов asked for this face: The Odyssey

@11140 asked for this face: The Odyssey. I know, I’m a little bit late, @max_watchface and +Jorge González already publish there versions of this watch a few days ago. I spend a little time and use an original picture. Furthermore I put my focus on the original movement without ignoring the reflections of the original. Heres the result.
02.08.18. I forgot the dots. Fixed.

Credits: http://www.yankodesign.com

Download: odyssey.zip - Google Drive


Amazing job. Thanks

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Thank you, @Joao_Nascimento

someone went deep into the forgotten dungeons of this place I see.

@G1NT0N1C yeah, good work. I bet It’d look good with gyroscopic rotation in LUA- (works fine in UL) on the subdials

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Yes you are right. I will try it out with the .watch version, which I created at the time. I confess that I had already forgotten this face.

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three years…it’s really vintage, can’t blame you for forgetting! just let me know when you have the .watch version

Well I just took a look at it. it’s not as easy as I initially suspected. I am not saying that it is not possible, but I need a completely different approach than before.

let me guess? subdials aren’t layered? :rofl:

This is not the problem. But I’ve cut the numbers out to get the light reflection when rotated. As soon as I move the subdials, the numbers move too. This wouldn’t be cool…

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yeah you’d have to make a circle with radius only just to the cutout and leave the rest untouched. no idea how’d that look

I found a solution. I’m working on it, but I have to build it from the scratch.

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You going for it? I mean, it’s a perfect sort of face for that kind of thing but I dunno if it’s worth all the trouble.