As suggested by André Luiz Souza Costa I made a variant of mine "Gundam

As suggested by André Luiz Souza Costa I made a variant of mine
“Gundam RX78” in carbon version. I hope it goes well.

Now you can finally be a Gundam pilot too.
Enter the cockpit of your Mobile Suit and show your potential!

Many thanks to the author of the series Yoshiyuki Tomino, the production company Sunrise and the model maker Bandai.

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Ty buddy, i love it! Looking foward for your next creation.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks to you for your previous clockskins on Gundam!

thanks for sharing

i really want this face it is amazing! but infortunately the link is down :sob: :sob: :sob:

I want this watch face and the file is not available.
Anyone still have this face and willing to share?

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Same for me, i want it! :weary:

Man, could please upload the watchface again for us?? Awesome work. Terrific!!

Moved to lost round faces

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sorry I’m new, I went to lost round faces but the whatchface from Gundam isn’t there. you can put it back thanks. sorry for the english but I use Google translate.

Don’t worry about your english, it’s ok to use a translator.
This section is used to store faces that no longer have a working download link. When a watchface is moved, the creator is informed by email.
It is pointless to request faces from this area again as this has already been done without success.