As of today no sound with my Kostpet Prime 2 watch

Last week I installed the new firmware update for prime 2 watch it is FAW -PRIME 2-V1.2-B3 , and I love it I’ve been able to use my weather and a few other options that I never had before. But now I have no sound today I had it this morning and then all of a sudden I noticed my music wasn’t on. So I rebooted the watch. That did not work I checked all the volume controls. Everything was good so I decided to restore to factory which is still the new version that I updated last week. And it still does not work. I hope you guys are able to help. I love my prime to watch.

You might install V1.2 B4. Then perform a factory reset. I guess this should work.

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Okay thanks I will give that a try.

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I just loaded the new firmware the V1. 2-B4+, everything loaded great and no problems with the download but now, it won’t connect to my phone by the Bluetooth. And I still do not have any volume. And I did do a second factory reset after the firmware download just to let you know. If anybody’s got any ideas out there please don’t hesitate to help me thank you.