As October is the Halloween month I thought that todays Sunday Funday watch should

As October is the Halloween month I thought that todays Sunday Funday watch should drag us, kicking and screaming, into the thick of it…

  • digital hours and minutes
  • really creepy pulsing eyes!


Community donation link:


thanks for sharing. what’s that part with the donation and Wikipedia?

@Stephan_Schwobel Hi Stephan…
Wiki - reference to the originators of the Saw franchise
Donation - please click and read :slight_smile:

Yeah, and let’s make his eyes go tick/tock from left to right :wink:

@Kenneth_Tan Eyes moving… mouth opening… :0

@Andrew_Davis thanks Andrew for explaining and adding the reference to the other post. I truly haven’t seen it. let me give it a try, last time I couldn’t donate from my country through pay pal, when I wanted to support a different project.

@Andrew_Davis Eyes moving every second. Mouth opening and laughing every hour:

@Kenneth_Tan Pretty spooky if you set the alarm to play a custom sound file every hour… :#

I can set my framework to play sounds when I trigger them. You could poke Jigsaw’s Eye and he would shout “Outch”

@Kenneth_Tan That’s cool… a “hotspot” on the screen to initiate a sound?

Let’s play a game!

@Andrew_Davis I’m very busy @TM but I’ve downloaded the file. Couldn’t resist. Going to convert it and try the audio implementation with hot spots. Two sounds"hahahaha" and “Lets play a game”
Need some time, because I have to work for a living unfortunately.
May I assume I have your blessing?

Maybe it can play this sound each time it random reboots?


@Andrew_Davis Nice one, should I randomize?

@Andrew_Davis I have quicly (lunchbreak) tested the capabilities for hotspot and audio.
Everything works very nicely. I have been able to trigger a sound when a graphic or hotspot is touched. Also I have delayed the sound that repeatedly pressing the hotspot does not keep triggering.the sound before it has ended.
Also I’ve incorporated tactile feedback if you press a hotspot. (it feels soooo nice)

Going to test randomizing sounds and then as a quick fix, upgrade the Pink panther. Maybe a short tune. have to search for some good and short Peter Sellers Quotes.