Arrived lem 14... Some questions?

Hello everyone, sorry for the inconvenience, lem 14 arrived for two days, I would like to ask you for some advice: apart from the battery that heats up and lasts very little, I’m trying to use apps to listen to music online or podcasts but when the screen becomes black for energy saving the transmission stops … how do you make it continue in the background with the screen off? can you recommend an app to run with the use of GPS like Adidas running which, however, I cannot install … I have other questions but I will start with these :sweat_smile: thanks again

For every app you need to run in the background, disable the app in the Optimizer. It kills background jobs to save power.

Go to app drawer->Optimizer
Click the text to enter the list of apps, and move the switch for those apps you like to have running always.
And after each of those apps have been updated by play store, the Optimizer is switched on again, so remember to check them in the Optimizer after updates to those apps.

For sports app, most of us use My Running app, but I am not sure if it works correctly on the Android 10 watches…

I can’t find the voice you tell me about in the settings … thanks :relaxed:

No, that’s just it, they are not in the settings, it is an app you find in the app drawer, called Optimization