Array Types for Watchfaces (Calories, Distance, etc.)

Frame rate is a UL parameter.


Thanks for the reply but I work with clockskinmaker it I like working with them and currently can’t make a battery make FV photoshop is applied to my dial, all collected in the program to check all running throw my clock out the other way through the people as they do repeat everything to the tee of the NN obtained teach how to do what I please thank you.

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Hello tell me why in the program clockskinmaker battery is normal and the clock goes in the opposite direction?

I can’t. I don’t use CSM

Hopefully I’m in the right area to ask this question as I’m very new to Watch face issues.

Question: What does “rotation value 13” relate to?

As mentioned in the firmware thread for the Kospet Prime apparently updating past v1.6b will cause this value not to work. No idea what it means or does. Can anyone shed light on this as I’d like to update my watch to higher than 1.6b but not if it means losing some function I use.

Rotation value 13 is required for new clockskin engines to display rotations that are smaller than 360 °.
This works for the most common rotations such as second, minute, hour, battery, steps and some more.


Thanks G1NT0N1C, so if I understand correctly my current clockface shown below won’t work (or at least the second hand won’t work) if I update past v1.6b since the rotation value doesn’t work beyond that version?

Yes, if R13 is used in this case.

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Thanks again - guess my Rolex watchface would be worthless then too - LOL. It seems odd with the number of updates since 1.6b that they haven’t fixed this. As it is several of the watch faces that come with the Kospet Prime use rotating second, minute and hour hands. Or does this only apply to faces made with WFD?

i have same prob with my Prime, but sorry i don’t understand this “rotation value 13” , how use it???

Search for : clockskin wiki

That looks like compiler code. It looks like gibberish, but the program that’s designed to read it can understand it.

Thanks. Do you know what Array Types is DD/MM ?

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