Are LZAKMR smartwatches supported?

This is new watch that im considering which called v10 and has A10, it is,quite cheap but i like the design, what do you think?

I’ve seen them around, and they seem quite nice and whatsoever but only officially supported brands are those which they can get some kind of communication between this forum and their internal support.

Dunno if we can reach them, most brands are just generic stuff placing their name onto their products.


Not only do we not support this brand but this particular product is absolutely not going to be supported by us… Ever.

It’s a blatant copy of much of the work we have done over the years with the solution provider that we do support.

The reason it is so cheap is because it is a pile of sh#t!
You buy it and that is the end of it.
If it goes wrong (which at that price, it will) you are on your own.

They copied the board design and the firmware from the people we work with.
It’s not 5G at all because it is not possible.
It is using a Unisoc SOC solution that doesn’t support Android 10.
It has Android 9 support only.
More lies :frowning:

This particular model is made by the same people who ripped off Jason with the Genesis production problems and sold it behind his back :angry:


I am glad you brought this to our attention.
It is important that our members are not fooled by the cheap price and end up with a “lemon”

The facts I have posted above have been checked with the team in China.
The SPRD chip used is almost identical to the Kospet Prime S and has no OS version higher than Android 9.
No Android Watch can support 5G at this time.
Some of our custom code has been copied without permission.

I will do my best to make sure that this piece of crap is known to be a fake and a very bad choice to buy.
This kind of thing makes me really angry because people buy it and end up with total rubbish :frowning:


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Thanks, i think ill stay with lokmat watches cos so far their watches are beautiful and for now im pleased with my lokmat 7, will look for A10 or A11 if new ones come, btw is it possible that the manufacturers makes same watches but without cameras?

It’s really hard to say what they will do now.
Due to high costs and other issues, there are not many great devices coming through.
Lots of rubbish… But nothing great as yet.
Sadly, they also think that a camera is absolutely necessary :frowning:

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