Apps for Volume control from screen

Hello guys … i was wondering if there was an app to increse or decrease volume from the current screen itself … ? If yes please help out thanks :slight_smile:

Try this -


Amazing app. Thanks brother :slight_smile:

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Your welcome :+1:


Hi guys, need some help

Downloaded on screen volume control and somehow it expanded to cover the whole screen. I can’t get it to minimise/close. Nor I can reboot to the watch.

Any suggestions?

You will have to wait until battery empties

Thanks. That’s what I assumed. Any better alternative for volume control?

Sorry . I’ll be honest i never use those types of apps

If you hold the power button for a while the watch will do a hard reboot
I use the pie menu that comes with gravity box where you can set a button in the menu to open the default volume panel (you need to root the watch to use gravitybox tho)
Something like this or this might for you too

I use the Smart Touch Pro app and use the stock volume control feature in the watch.

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“Always visible volume button”. That’s the actual name on Playstore. It’s a floating button. It does not consume battery at all.

1, reboot the watch
2, start VOLUME CONTROL app
3, scroll the settings and “ENABLE EQUALIZER/MIXER WINDOW” off

I think these are good apps


This solved my problem. Thanks dude!


I loved this setup! I immediately set it to my watch :slightly_smiling_face: What’s the watchface? Any link?

It is now only in Hungarian. I’ll do it in English. Then there will be a link.

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Hi Vishnu,

I really liked this app. However, it does not control the volume during a whatsapp call. Is there another app for this.


Not sure . Have a look in here

thank you, the pepper app was the only volume app. I installed this. it works fine. Thank you. Volume Boster by lovekara

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Good to hear :+1: