What are the essently APPs for Kospet Prime,which doesnt comes with it, just order mine but haven’t receive it yet,just need to plan ahead,Thanks

depends how you’re going to use it. Will you use it as a standalone or will you connect it to a phone? will you use it for exercise?

I will use it with the phone,also as a stand alone,at the same time I am trying to use the watch as much I can, Please recommend some apps for daily basis,Thanks

Have you made a little search on the forum ? a lot of topics already there…

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Take a look at WiiWatch2 APP.
There is a recent version, much better than the previous one (basic).

I did, someone did post a list of apps,but I cannot find it back,thats why I am asking

Here some example from search:

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Thanks for the list,Greatly Appreciated.

I would definitely install the sammich apk. The watch will actually make a sammich. Essential. :sandwich:


@Louis_Peek, I think I found the sammich apk :sandwich::laughing: :rofl:


OMG! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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:rofl: :rofl: Ok Louis , it looks like our pal @noidremained has solved you “Sammich” problem :rofl:. You realize of course that you will have to now play this game…and solve ALL the levels, especially after all the trouble noidremained went to find the apk for you! Now how does that saying go again? Something like “Be careful what you wish for”? Have a wonderful Chrissy Louis, adding condiments and scaling tricky levels of “Make Sandwhich” What do you think, noidremained, does Louis really have what it takes to be a “Sammich Master”? :thinking: :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons
P.S. VERY well done @noidremained ! :+1: :+1:


If Louis has what it takes to become a sammisch master? :thinking: That’s a question too difficult for me to answer, but I will certainly be disappointed if he hasn’t got what it takes. :disappointed:

By the way, good advise that people should be careful what they wish for, let’s hope your house will survive Santa forcing a Mustang down the chimney :wink: :rofl:


Your page doesn’t work… :frowning:

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