Apps dropping accessibility service

I have been using the apps back button anywhere, button mapper, and assistive touch for months on my stock Android 10 Optimus 2 and android 11 LEM 16. They worked great. Of course I had to follow the procedures for them to run in background posted here on the site. Last week all three quit working. When I started them again they all want to be turned on as accessibility service in settings. Doing that they run but when the screen gos black the apps are no longer running when you hit the start button to turn the screen back on. Starting the apps again they request accessibility services again.

Has anyone else ran into this problem. With these apps or any others that use accessibility service?

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Are you using the stockfirmware or FAW firmware for optimus 2?

Im running stock. Its A new replacement from my optimus 2 that broke and I haven’t loaded FAW YET.

Hmm. It would be interesting to know whether the problem also affects the FAW firmware.

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I might try loading FAW just to see. There are other odd problems that FAW fixes.


I loaded the FAW international firmware on Optimus 2. I’m no longer having the issue.
There is no FAAW for the LEM 16 so I’ll try factory reset. with it.

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I suspected that. Thank you for the confirmation.

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Don’t forget that the Google Play security service will revoke some permissions unless you untick the setting in the app settings.
Play Protect… Can be a bit annoying sometimes.

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Thanks. I’ll check that.