Apps and watch faces for dm100 where and what is available?

I have the dm100 watch and I’m trying to figure out where I can get different apps and watch faces. I’ve downloaded clock skins but I don’t know what to do with those and it just takes up space I do not know how to use the skins or anything I just want to be able to download different apps and watch faces completely where can I do this someone please help with apps for the d M100

I think you could benefit from watching several video’s Mr. Ticks has made for these watches. It is the same as the Lemfo Lem T, and TicWris Max watches. All Android 7.1. It is the same as an Android Phone and most apps available in the Google Play store will work on these watches. Watchfaces are available on this site under Rectangular Watchfaces. You install them to the “clockskin” folder on the watch. Search on this forum for information on how to install the watchfaces, if needed.

Start here and then follow up with the other videos available by Mr. Ticks.

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