Appllp6 touch screen problem

Hello and thank you for accepting me among you.

I expose you my problem: I bought at the beginning of April an appllp6 4g. It worked very well but after 15 days the touch screen no longer works. I can’t scroll down the menu or click on anything. I pass you the guarantee which of course did nothing to repair. I managed to get reimbursed about 60% of the price but to throw it away. But before throwing it away I try to find a real solution.
Before you ask me the questions, I’ll give you the situation: neither finger nor stylus works, I changed the screen protection, I can’t reset it because I can’t access the menu and keep pressing the button only gives me the restart function (which I cannot validate) but by staying longer it restarts alone. that’s basically where I am. I hope I was clear enough in my explanations. I saw that there were similar problems but not with this watch model and I don’t want to mess things up
If anyone has an idea or a solution, already to reboot and after to fix this problem, I’m interested.

Thank you all in advance


First of all, I would like to emphasize that I am assuming a hardware defect, which probably cannot be repaired. Still, there are a few things you can try.

A factory reset will not work because you cannot use the touchscreen. Theoretically you could use e.g. Visor for remote access, but this would have had to be approved beforehand on the watch. So this possibility is ruled out.

I see 2 things you can try. First I would try flashing the firmware. This is possible even if the touch screen is not working. However, since we do not support this model, I have doubts as to whether we can provide the required firmware.

The other option is to open the watch. Because theoretically the problem could be due to an incorrectly connected screen connector. However, you should only do this if you know what you are doing.

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As well as what @G1NT0N1C has said - I would take the watch to a phone repair guy if you know one that is not too expensive, and ask them to check the screen FPC cable is attached correctly. It is unlikely to be this issue because the screen is lighting up correctly - but maybe worth trying.
Sometimes disconnecting the screen cable and the battery followed by reconnecting both can help.
That is really all that we can say as we do not support this model as @G1NT0N1C said.

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Thank you for your answers…you confirm what I thought…I think opening it won’t change anything but death for death I’m going to try anyway…barring a miracle it will end up in the trash…
I would have liked to be able to help you and participate in the general help concerning this model of watch…
I’ll let you know the result anyway.

on the other hand, what would you recommend as a solid 4g watch for a manual man? I do not know.

anyway thank you all