Applications to fit screen?

Love my watch but I have a few questions, not sure if anyone can help?!

1 Data, I don’t seem to be able to get data using my SIM, it works fine in my phone, and I’ve tried all the settings, any suggestions?

2 Is there anyway to make applications fit the screen? Some applications, I can’t work out how to click buttons because I can’t see them, nor work out how to move to them.

Go to quicksettings. Tap on this Icon to enable mobile data:

You might use the square mode for some apps: press and hold the powerbutton to enter the power down menu. Then click the upper icon to enter square mode, exit with skip. Same way back.


And dont forget . For sim data to work you need to insert sim and restart watch for data toggle to work :+1:


On my watch I had to update apn settings to get it to work. I have to leave it on 4g preferred. If I try putting it on 3g or 2g it says I have no connection.

Press and hold power button, top center of the screen is a toggle to switch between square and round view.

You can also turn on magnification gesture in accessibly settings. You can then just triple tap on the edge of the screen and it will zoom in and you can see something that is just off the corner you couldn’t get with it zoomed out

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It may depend which carrier you are using. I have Speed Talk Sim Cards which is T-Mobile and I can connect on 2G, 3G or 4G and they all work ok for phone calls. They are dropping 2G this year and maybe 3G also and you will need LTE to make calls.