App for Watch Controlled Phone?

Okay so I’ve got the wonderful kospet prime se. I loved using it as my main device/phone. It has everything I need and dissuades me from eating up all my time on a normal phone as its screen is so small it’s kind of a pain to do anything other than most basic stuff. That’s a plus for me!
But there’s two problems I’m having. I don’t like taking phone calls on the thing. I hate having to have bt headphones on me all the time and the speaker on the thing sucks. That also sucks for spotify and spotify drains my battery as well. So I’d like to use my “real” phone exclusively for spotify and calls.

Does anyone know of any apps that allow you to answer calls you’re getting on your android watch ON your phone? Like the watchdroid app but in reverse? If not I may have to learn app development…

If your provider offers Dual SIM, this would solve your Problem. There is no other way. Bluetooth calling doesn’t work, neither on your phone or your watch.

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You know what I think I was confusing watchdroid’s “answer call” feature with actually being able to talk on the watch itself.
I’m assuming dual SIM requires you to have two sim cards and you just bounce the call from one number to another? Do you know how this works exactly? Like say I have a dummy SIM with a prepaid service in my watch and I have my main SIM in my phone would this produce the results I’m looking for? Forwarding the call from one number to the other?

With a dual SIM offer from your provider, you will receive two SIM cards that work with the same telephone number. This means that both devices ring and you decide on which device you take the call. Unfortunately, not many providers offer this service.

I see. Thank you for all your help!

If you are in the USA google voice is a service that will merge 2 numbers together so you can answer on either one.