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Hi everyone,
Why the LEM15 does not manage APN parameters as smartphones do?
Last week, I was abroad in Spain,my home country is France, my network provider is a MVNO.
Abroad, the watch lists several operators and you can connect to them without problem but you get only telephony services …so you choose one network provider and then you try to enter manually all parameters (got from internet searches) for INTERNET APN and MMS APN and it does not work because either you are on the wrong network or some parameters are missing or wrong …the only solution I found was to put the SIM card in a smartphone and then you get all the right information , you get the network provider and the APN parameters …then you write these infos on a paper sheet and put the SIM card in your watch and enter manually all the different parameters …and of course it works !
Thanks for the answers

My home country is France to and with my French operator i have no problems to receive sms or notifications when i go in Spain, in Spain the correct operator is selected automaticaly by the roaming service of the watch. May be a problem with your MVNO provider…

Just to clarify, it works perfect with the smartphone without doing anything with the same SIM card… With the smartwatch and the same SIM card it is a little bit different as you have to manage by yourself the configuration of the APN’s… More precisely, I was in the canarian islands

That’s strange…
Did you enable roaming in cellular settings?
I also have no problem editing APNs…
Very strange indeed :thinking:
Even stock firmware I can edit APN settings…
Are you using stock or FAW international firmware?

Yes, roaming is set, may be it is due to the network operator, but if true I do not understand why there is no problem when I insert the SIM card in the smartphone… The watch runs the FAW firmware

Hmm, I see.
Well, there are a couple of things here.
The modem database is from 2019 and is not updated.
The APN may not be automatically adjusted to the roaming APN.

What is the problem with editing an existing APN?
Because I seem to have no problem doing this.
Thanks @Sergio256

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When you are abroad, it is complicated to find the right values for the APN’s parameters, because what you find on internet is often a subset of the needed parameters, so the only solution I found was to use a smartphone to get the parameters. I contacted the hotline of my operator… But no answer… Too complicated for the first level hotline… Thanks Pablo


Ok, yeah that is frustrating.
Interested to hear if you get any feedback :+1: