Aple 9 watch face

with additional features
Correction of English


Please credit the brand / copyright holder and add to your post.
Unfortunately we will have to remove this as per the forum rules if this is not done asap.

I do not understand why? Because this is not Apple9 but Aple9 or anything here? greeting

Oh, so you designed this?
I did not realise that you created this design.
I didn’t think it was Apple…
I just thought it was based on another design…

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ok i all drew myself might just be a little inspiration in similarities

This is the base

Ok, all good.
Sorry about asking but we have had issues in the past with copyright etc.
If this is all your work, no problem.
You only need to add a credit link if any of the content of the watch face is from another design.

Cheers :+1:

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Just one more note: Even if finished GIFs are used, a credit link is required. No big deal, just a clickable link to the GIF website it came from.:+1:


Thanks @G1NT0N1C
You are more familiar with the watch faces than me and I was hoping that you would look at this and confirm.

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No one or a gif or video clip is fully displayed here this insight of my hours is my product entirely


Wow. Respect.

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Impressive . Good for you :+1: