APK as permanent watchface...

OK…I read the FAQ…

I know I can download an APK watchface and launch it, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to keep it going after the watch goes to sleep.

Also, I spent a couple nights (the wife is kinda ticked…no pun intended lol) messing with using this video on youtube:

 First off.  I had it working kinda…ONE watchface showed up, the rest where just the name label and when you selected them the face was all black/blank.  SO I recopied all the folders into the clockskin folder and tried again…NOTHING…Now not even the watchface that worked would pop up, its like it isnt seeing the watchfaces in the folder???

NOW for the really STRANGE part:  I got kinda fustrated, and just uninstalled the launcher and the clockface app thing that went along with it.  STOCK firmware that came with the watch…what shows up (and I wish I had a pic to upload, but Im typing this on my PC not an ipad or phone.)  A Tag Heuer watchface that is really nice…its blue with 3 small dials and says CARRERA connected by the date…It has a nice sweep hand as well.

The point here is:  I NEVER even download a CARRERA connected watchface…I did download a face called the 2015 Tag Calbre?? whatever that is…I looked at the pics in that folder and they dont match?

The other point here (and this is probably painfully obvious by now) is that I have no idea what I am doing with this thing.  I do know that I really LIKE having that TAG watchface…I just wish I knew HOW I got it.

So in closing:

I’d like to add watchfaces besides the ones avail from KW (those are cool and all,but I would like more tag and some breitling stuff.  I see the APKs on the play store but would love to make them “default” faces that come up when the watch wakes up…

Can anyone give me some help?



APK faces are limited in functions and are not supported anymore on latest firmware updates on KW88.

Now you can use the richer and more easy to find ClockSkin faces, available on this forum, here:

or on the G+ community, here:

A quickguide to update the firmware and to load the new faces is here:

There is also another path to follow that will give you the plus of using ClockSkin and .watch (Watchmaker) face format by using the Universal Launcher developed by our member ricktop. All the information here:

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up…

Going to try it now.


I’m using chronosurf wave apk. After I open the app, I just let the watch went to sleep by it self then whenever i turn on the watch, by oressing the buttin or by a gesture, i show directly to chronosurf wave