Aosp keyboard upgrade

hi, i need some help.
On my lemfo lem 12 I would like to update the Android aosp keyboard which is to version 7.1.1.
I downloaded three more updated versions but when I try to install them on my smartphone I get the following response:
“The package conflicts with an existing package that has the same name” .

Clearly the pre-installed version on the SmartWatch cannot be uninstalled, how can I fix it?

Most people just end up using Gboard for keyboard it seems to be best for most things in floating mode

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@thomaschamlee I have experienced a problem with Gboard. Its floating mode setting gets disabled automatically after the use of few days on my watch. Moreover, its keyboard doesn’t fit in fully inside the screen as shown in your pic above. How you did that?

Do you have power saver disabled on Gboard?

If you click on the round section under the keyboard you can move it around as well as adjust size of keyboard.

I also went into the Preferences on g board and have changed keyboard height to extra short

As well you can move the settings button to turn on and off floating mode so it’s easy to access

If you click on the 3 dots to open extra settings you can then click and hold on the floating mode option and move it up to the options bar so it’s fast to switch back and forth